"It’s all about family and preserving a lifestyle of quality care for animals and the land we live on."

Velvet-View Farms, located in the scenic hills of western Holmes County, Ohio, is owned and operated by the Schlauch family. Aaron and Brandi, Aaron’s father, David, and sons Logan and Wyatt milk 70 cows in Big Prairie, Ohio.

The area now known as Velvet-View Farms was first established as a land grant, signed by President James Madison in 1817. The land had changed hands many times before being purchased by the Schlauch family in 1948.

Being a small farm is important to the Schlauch’s. “I couldn’t imagine milking one of those thousand-cow herds,” said Aaron, a third-generation dairy farmer. “To me, it’s the personal contact with the animals and the breeding of superior cattle that makes farming interesting.”

The cows are the heart of the operation at Velvet-View Farms. Black and white as well as red and white Holsteins are milked three times a day on the farm, and each of the ‘ladies’ have names – just ask Wyatt. On average, each cow at Velvet-View produces about 25,000 pounds of milk per year – that’s almost 3,000 gallons!

A look at our farm will show you how much we value our wholesome, farm-fresh yogurt. Our milk only moves 17 feet from the cow to the container, and is free of additives and preservatives. With new flavored and Greek yogurts, as well as our original plain yogurt, on store shelves, we’re happier than ever to provide fresh, farmstead yogurt from our family to yours.