Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What does "Farmstead" mean?

A: It means that our yogurt is made locally, right here on our farm. We only use milk from the cows on our farm to make our delicious velvety yogurt.

Q: What goes in to Velvet-View Farmstead Plain Yogurt?

A: Only our milk - no additives or preservatives. Just Grade A milk from our girls. No artificial hormones, no homogenization- just farm fresh goodness!

Q: How does the milk get from the cow to the container?

A: It is only 17 feet from the cow to the processing room, and our yogurt is made fresh daily right after the milking is done. The only way to get fresher yogurt than ours is to buy your own cow!

Q: What are the cows on Velvet-View Farms fed?

A: The cows are grass-fed during the summer, spring and fall, and during the winter they recieve a nutritionist-balanced diet that is the same as the the rest of the year.

Q: Where can I buy Velvet-View Farmstead Plain Yogurt?

A: Currently, our yogurt is sold in OSCA, Heinen's Stores, Churchill's, Natures Bin, Mustard Seed Stores, Clintonville Community Market, Fresh Fork, Fire Food and Drink, Local Roots, Nature's Food Market,
Hartzler's Family Dairy, Sheperds Market and Sirna and Sons and more. Keep in mind that we're always looking for more!

Q: How do I get Velvet-View Farmstead Plain Yogurt in my store?

A: Just click over to the contact page and let us know! We will personally come to your store and give a presentation about our yogurt.